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Paving stones offer a pleasing alternative to concrete or Asphalt paving,
The beauty of paving stones lies not only in their stunning appearance but in the practical application of these unique products.

Paving stones are made from “no slump“ concrete with fade resistant color pigments, compacted under extreme pressure and high frequency vibration. The physical properties of paving stones allows greater load bearing weight (over 8,000 psi) than concrete and they are frequently recommended for heavy vehicular traffic areas. Paving stones are set in compacted base which allows them to expand and contract with temperatures and environmental changes.

This flexibility not only prevents seismic distortion and cracking common in concrete and asphalt pavement systems, it also reduces installation and project maintenance cost over alternative paving systems.

The mortarless, no grout joints, and sand base provide excellent drainage, prevent erosion and siltation. Paving stones also provide surfaces that are available for immediate use after installation.

Stone Walls and Retainers


Great when used for:

  • Driveways
  • Walkways
  • Patios

Some benefits:

  • 5,000 PSI rating (standard concrete is only 2,500 PSI)
  • No cracking
  • Great color choices
  • You choose your own patterns and style
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