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Still dreaming of that lush green manicured lawn without the watering and maintenance of a regular lawn? Here is the answer; the new generation of synthetic turf made of lead free Polyethylene, Monofilament blades and Polyurethane backing material. These types of synthetic turfs are preferred by Terra Firma Landscape Mgt., Inc. due to their realistic appearance, durability, and large variety of turf selections. It is ideal for play areas, around pools, casual settings, at stone steppers, and much more.

The natural look will even fool your best maintenance professional. The old indoor/out door carpet look is gone. The new generation look is what’s happening in your neighborhood gardens today. This means no watering, no mowing, no fertilizing and no more lawn clippings to throw out.

The look of your lush green lawn will enhance the beauty of your home and surrounding landscape. It will give you the feeling of that fresh new model home look that your family and friends will relish. A lasting impression and long term effect achieved without any fuss. Just sit back and enjoy the beauty of your new lawn and all the compliments that come with it!

We also install putting greens! If you enjoy the great game of golf...what better place to perfect your putting game than in the comfort of your own back yard!

    BENEFITS Click the ASGi logo for an in depth PDF file about Synthetic turf direct from ASGi.  
  • No watering (major water savings)
  • No more sprinkler repairs (major maintenance savings)
  • No water/sprinkler run off (reduces street run off to storm drains)
  • No mowing (major maintenance savings, reduced environmental impact and neighborhood noise)
  • No edging (saves wear and tear on hardscape)
  • No fertilizing (chemical free lawn and no environmental impact)
  • No pest, fungi or weed controls (chemical free lawn and environmental benefits)
  • No more muddy pets (no clean up)
  • No more pet urine spots (no embarrassing brown patches)
Synthetic Turf Install Install Finished  
    Synthetic with Fountain Synthetic Back Yard Synthetic Garden  


Click the graphic above to go to the Terra Turf and Putting Greens website.


Terra Firma Landscape Mgmt. Inc. is an ASGi Certified builder / installer of approved synthetic turfs.

Get the truth!

Visit the Association of Synthetic Grass Installers at for up to date unbiased opinions on synthetic turf products.


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